Update June 2019

Hi Guided Inquiry Design fans,

I’m visiting the blog to make some updates,  as quite a lot has been happening in Guided Inquiry over the last year or so, since last I visited to add some CSU ETL401 student units.   Leslie Maniotes has visited Australia.  Her seminar, Creating Curious Inquirers, was excellent, and it was great to attend it with 9 teachers from the school I’ve joined in Sydney, St. Andrew’s Cathedral School, working on inquiry units for the Middle Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate, which  GID suits admirably.

Dr. Kasey Garrison and I have been surveying Australian TLs about the “brand” of inquiry learning they favour, and also how often, and to what level, are they involved as members of teaching teams throughout inquiry projects. The results were very encouraging, with a small majority preferring GID as their main modus operandi, followed by PBL,  the Murdoch model, and some others.   The level of collaboration was not quite so encouraging, so Kasey and I are going further to interview some participants about the nature of the collaboration that exists in their teaching teams when doing GID.

I’m working two days a week at St. Andrew’s to place GID alongside the MYP criteria and Approaches to Learning.  It’s been a steep learning curve, and it’s only just begun really.  But I do think we’ve managed to align the two processes, without causing anyone more work and stress!

And my book has come out!  Guided Inquiry Goes Global: Evidence-based Practice In Action.   It is about the tide of circumstances in many countries, of a need for the skills of Guided Inquiry – researching, working in teams, thinking critically and creatively –  facilitating inquiry learning, and the TL role in inquiry learning.  It’s about Evidence of practice – four research studies carried out in Australian schools over the last five years, by Kasey and myself.  It highlights some Guided Inquiries and contains the critical voice of students as they worked on the inquiry tasks.

Cheers, and I hope you continue to find this blog useful.

Contributions and comments are very welcome.

Lee FitzGerald

Update June 2018

Please visit Primary and Secondary Guided Inquiry units’ pages on this blog to see some contributions from Charles Sturt University students, studying Introduction to Teacher Librarianship.  Their task was to choose an information literacy model (Guided Inquiry, I-LEARN, PLUS, NSW ISP, Big6, Information Fluency etc), and to create an inquiry unit for Technologies F-10.   Go have a look!

What’s been happening in the local GI world?  My book, Guided Inquiry Goes Global: Evidence-based Practice in Action, is coming out in September through ABC Clio.  Alinda Sheerman, Kasey Garrison and I have been doing quite a lot of research, focusing on gathering and heeding the student voice on Guided Inquiry.  More on this later!

Lee FitzGerald

Updating the GI community

Hi to fellow GI fans,

Just letting you know that I’ve been updating the GI Oz community, with some new GIs from Broughton College, and also from my students at Charles Sturt University.  It’s just coming to that time in the term where students need to get their heads around planning an inquiry unit, and to that end, and just because it needs it, I’ve spent some time updating.

What’s new?

  • A unit on Ancient China for Year 8 History from Dr Lynne Vey, who was a student of ETL401 at CSU last session
  • A unit on Rights and Freedoms from Alinda Sheerman of Broughton College, for Year 10 History
  • A report on the research that Dr Kasey Garrison and I have been carrying out over the last four years.  It’s linked to a new page in GI Theory, called Australian GI research.

Kasey and I are just about to start a new research project at Broughton, which replicates what we did in our 2015/2016 research at Loreto Kirribilli, thus contributing to a body of research on Guided Inquiry in Australia, carried out under the auspices of CSU.

Go have a look!   It would be really good to get comments from our 100 subscribers, as well as any questions, units of work, scaffolds you might like to contribute.

Lee FitzGerald

Guided Inquiry Information Literacy Curriculum

Hi everyone!

A long silence from me, as I’ve been working with  many Tls in training at CSU. This is a little break between sessions, and I’m working on a book on Guided Inquiry.  I wanted to tell you about one of the most exciting developments in the theory and practice of GI presented in the 2015 version of Guided Inquiry: Learning in the 21st Century (Kuhlthau, Maniotes & Caspari). This is the Information Literacy Curriculum elaborated on in chapter 7 of the book. It focuses on three central concepts:

  • Information that is organised provides access to facts, ideas and multiple perspectives
  • Valuable information prompts curiosity, reflection and enlightenment
  • Thoughtfully interpreting information over times leads to deep learning.

These concepts are elaborated to define, in a condensed way, the information literacy skills needed to locate, evaluate and use information, to present a comprehensive view of the skills required at each stage of a GI. Its significance lies in its simple iteration of GI skills (very useful in explaining GI to novice teachers), and in the fact that it can be used by planning teams in primary and secondary schools to create a scope and sequence plan for the gradual implementation of GI across the school.

Challenges to GI include the difficulties of collaboration between TLs and teachers who are struggling with a content-heavy curriculum, and the impossibility of covering the whole school population with GIs – after all, there’s only so much one or two TLs can do – which means that coverage of GI skills are piecemeal.  This simple but condensed information literacy curriculum can form the basis of a whole school approach to GI implementation in the creation of a scope and sequence using the concepts and elaborations in the information literacy curriculum, thus allowing ownership to extend to all teachers in the school.

The Information Literacy Curriculum presented by Kuhlthau, Maniotes and Caspari is an essential development in GI theory and practice, enabling whole school coverage of the skills of GI. Its elements are attached here –  Concepts based Information literacy curriculum –  but for further detail, you will need to look at the book, Guided Inquiry: Learning in the 21st Century(2015)

Cheers, and have a great winter break!

Lee FitzGerald

The Last Post!

This is my final contribution to 52GID edublog:  http://52guidedinquiry.edublogs.org/?p=224

The blog will go all year, and it’s very exciting to read about the ground swell of Guided Inquiry in the States.




52 GID blog – My third post: Down Under Devil’s Advocate

Here it is: http://52guidedinquiry.edublogs.org/?p=217 

Have a browse of all the other posts, and keep reading, because there will be GI practitioners posting all year. (Including Alinda Sheerman, my GI co-conspirator!)



52GID Edublog

Hi all,

This is my second post for Leslie Maniotes’ blog, sharing GI practice.   The blog is great!  It shows how GI is becoming entrenched in US.   This is my post: http://52guidedinquiry.edublogs.org/?p=210&preview=true



52 GID blog

There is a lot happening on the 52_GID edublog.  This week, I’m the guest blogger, and you may be interested to read my posts, and to have a browse of the others so far, in this year of blogging about Guided Inquiry.

Here’s my first post: http://52guidedinquiry.edublogs.org/2016/02/22/teacher-librarians-forever/



52 Weeks of Guided Inquiry

52 Weeks of Guided Inquiry is at this address: http://52guidedinquiry.edublogs.org

52 Weeks is an Edublog set up by Leslie Maniotes in USA to allow people to share their experiences of Guided Inquiry.  There are many well known Guided Inquiry practitioners already in Leslie’s schedule, and she is looking for more,  to share the challenges and excitements of the practice of Guided Inquiry. There are weeks open in August, September, October, November and December, if you would like to share your experiences and questions on a wider scale. Or you might find it simply a very interesting place to visit to see what our US counterparts are up to!

There’s an RSS feed on the  52 Weeks’ blog that you could sign up for so you know when there are new posts happening.
Leslie is co-author of these books and part of the family team responsible for Guided Inquiry theory and development – Carole Kuhlthau, Leslie Maniotes and Ann Caspari.

Guided Inquiry Design
Guided Inquiry: Learning in the 21st Century
Guided Inquiry Design in Action: Middle School

Lee FitzGerald


Dead links in Scaffolds section

Dear subscribers,

Just letting you know that I was alerted to the fact that none of the scaffolds worked in the section dealing with support for each stage of the GID process.   I’m happy to let you know they are all fixed.

Please let me know if you find any further links that do not work.

Thank you.

Lee FitzGerald


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