* Primary Guided Inquiry units

Listed below are exemplar primary GI units:

Stage 1 – K-Year 2

  • From Caddies Creek PS:

Threatened Animals 2015 – Submitted by Jenny Scheffers, TL.

Australian Animals for RFF classes

Stage 2: Year 3-4

  • From Broughton Anglican College:

British Colonisation Year 3 AC

Human Body Year 4 AC

Solar System Year 4 AC

  • From Caddies Creek PS:

Convicts Year 4 AC

First Fleet movie

Stage 3: Year 5-6

  • From Broughton Anglican College:

Global Connections

Teacher reflections from Broughton college on Global Connections, 2015:

Australian identity

  • From Culburra Public School

Desert Survivors

  • From Lakes Grammar

Marvellous Micro-organisms

Vimeo from Lakes Grammar, 2015

Of interest is the Macmillan history approach, which uses Guided Inquiry stages in its approach to history for Years 3 and 4:  Macmillan History: Your guided approach to the past 



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