The Last Post!

This is my final contribution to 52GID edublog: The blog will go all year, and it’s very exciting to read about the ground swell of Guided Inquiry in the

52 GID blog – My third post: Down Under Devil’s Advocate

Here it is:  Have a browse of all the other posts, and keep reading, because there will be GI practitioners posting all year. (Including Alinda Sheerman, my GI co-conspirator!)

52GID Edublog

Hi all, This is my second post for Leslie Maniotes’ blog, sharing GI practice.   The blog is great!  It shows how GI is becoming entrenched in US.   This is my

52 GID blog

There is a lot happening on the 52_GID edublog.  This week, I’m the guest blogger, and you may be interested to read my posts, and to have a browse of

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