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Hi to fellow GI fans,

Just letting you know that I’ve been updating the GI Oz community, with some new GIs from Broughton College, and also from my students at Charles Sturt University.  It’s just coming to that time in the term where students need to get their heads around planning an inquiry unit, and to that end, and just because it needs it, I’ve spent some time updating.

What’s new?

  • A unit on Ancient China for Year 8 History from Dr Lynne Vey, who was a student of ETL401 at CSU last session
  • A unit on Rights and Freedoms from Alinda Sheerman of Broughton College, for Year 10 History
  • A report on the research that Dr Kasey Garrison and I have been carrying out over the last four years.  It’s linked to a new page in GI Theory, called Australian GI research.

Kasey and I are just about to start a new research project at Broughton, which replicates what we did in our 2015/2016 research at Loreto Kirribilli, thus contributing to a body of research on Guided Inquiry in Australia, carried out under the auspices of CSU.

Go have a look!   It would be really good to get comments from our 100 subscribers, as well as any questions, units of work, scaffolds you might like to contribute.

Lee FitzGerald

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