Update June 2019
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Hi Guided Inquiry Design fans,

I’m visiting the blog to make some updates,  as quite a lot has been happening in Guided Inquiry over the last year or so, since last I visited to add some CSU ETL401 student units.   Leslie Maniotes has visited Australia.  Her seminar, Creating Curious Inquirers, was excellent, and it was great to attend it with 9 teachers from the school I’ve joined in Sydney, St. Andrew’s Cathedral School, working on inquiry units for the Middle Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate, which  GID suits admirably.

Dr. Kasey Garrison and I have been surveying Australian TLs about the “brand” of inquiry learning they favour, and also how often, and to what level, are they involved as members of teaching teams throughout inquiry projects. The results were very encouraging, with a small majority preferring GID as their main modus operandi, followed by PBL,  the Murdoch model, and some others.   The level of collaboration was not quite so encouraging, so Kasey and I are going further to interview some participants about the nature of the collaboration that exists in their teaching teams when doing GID.

I’m working two days a week at St. Andrew’s to place GID alongside the MYP criteria and Approaches to Learning.  It’s been a steep learning curve, and it’s only just begun really.  But I do think we’ve managed to align the two processes, without causing anyone more work and stress!

And my book has come out!  Guided Inquiry Goes Global: Evidence-based Practice In Action.   It is about the tide of circumstances in many countries, of a need for the skills of Guided Inquiry – researching, working in teams, thinking critically and creatively –  facilitating inquiry learning, and the TL role in inquiry learning.  It’s about Evidence of practice – four research studies carried out in Australian schools over the last five years, by Kasey and myself.  It highlights some Guided Inquiries and contains the critical voice of students as they worked on the inquiry tasks.

Cheers, and I hope you continue to find this blog useful.

Contributions and comments are very welcome.

Lee FitzGerald

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  1. Hi Lee,

    It was great to meet you during our CSU study visit in Sydney. Congratulations on your book. I’ll be sure to order myself a copy!

    (TL from Tamworth NSW)

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