Guided Inquiry in Stage 4 History at Cherrybrook Technology High School
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Today I’ve uploaded (and attached to this post) an article written by Amber Sorensen, Teacher Librarian at Cherrybrook Technology High School, in Sydney, entitled Guided Inquiry in Stage 4 History: Collaboration between teacher librarians and classroom teachers.  It was published in the Journal of the History Teachers’ Association of NSW in December, 2019.  It demonstrates the natural link between History and inquiry learning, and it was great to read how well the GID process suited the task.   It also demonstrates the effective scaffolding the teacher librarians brought to the task, particularly in the use of Lotus charts and the Cornell notetaking method.  It’s also wonderful to read of successful, ongoing collaboration between teachers and teacher librarians in a journal outside of teacher librarianship.  Thanks, Amber, and I hope we can upload your scaffolds too.

Guided Inquiry in Stage 4 History Sorensen


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