New Guided Inquiry unit for Year 7 SEEK cultures – English and History

Please don’t miss an excellent new GI unit, entitled Sleeping Rough on the Streets of the Lucky Country: An Inquiry into Homelessness in Melbourne.It’s also on the secondary Guided Inquiry

A new crop of GId units from CSU students 202160 session

Please go to either Primary or Secondary Guided Inquiry pages to see these new offerings from CSU students: How have changes in technology shaped our lives? – Year 2, Stage

New Guided Inquiry unit for Kindergarden – Mini-Beasts

Don’t miss the new GI unit from CSU student, Nicholas Eldridge (ETL401, 202130)!  It’s for Kindergarden!  It’s a great task for little ones, and a recurring topic.  I hope you

New page for students doing inquiry: How to avoid the dark night of the soul!

For inquiry learning fans, especially Guided Inquiry, check out the new set of resources for students on the GIOz site, at   It aims to give student a simple understanding

New Geography GI unit added to GIOZ blog

This session of ETL401 – Introduction to Teacher Librarianship – is drawing to a close, led by Liz Derouet.  The last task students have is to create an inquiry unit

A new year 8 History -Guided Inquiry unit and scaffolding

Hi fans of Guided Inquiry, Today, I’ve uploaded the unit overview kindly sent to me by Amber Sorensen, TL at Cherrybrook Technology High School, on the Spanish Conquest, for Year

Guided Inquiry in Stage 4 History at Cherrybrook Technology High School

Today I’ve uploaded (and attached to this post) an article written by Amber Sorensen, Teacher Librarian at Cherrybrook Technology High School, in Sydney, entitled Guided Inquiry in Stage 4 History:

An interesting read

Linking librarians, inquiry learning, and information literacy  

Revamped Guided Inquiry Oz site, COVID-19 ready

I’ve been thinking that this site, with its many units of work for primary and secondary and many scaffolds for inquiry, could be really useful now, in this awful COVID-19

Update June 2019

Hi Guided Inquiry Design fans, I’m visiting the blog to make some updates,  as quite a lot has been happening in Guided Inquiry over the last year or so, since