7. Evaluate

Evaluate is the seventh stage of the Guided Inquiry Design Process

Syba Digital. Guided Inquiry Design in action: Middle school downloadable resources. Adapted with permission from Guided Inquiry Design in action: Middle school/ Leslie K. Maniotes, LaDawna Harrington, and Patrice Lambusta: Foreword by Carol Kuhlthau, Libraries Unlimited, Copyright 2016.

Evaluate11Adapted by Lee FitzGerald from Dr. Carol Gordon’s presentation – Redesigning Knowledge Spaces: From Information literacy to knowledge outcomes, Part 2, available at:  http://www.powershow.com/view/13ba6e-YWRmM/Dr_Carol_Gordon_flash_ppt_presentation

Evaluate includes these elements:

  • Rubrics – Summative assessment of process and product
  • Reflections on process – SLIM Toolkit – final reflection
  • Peer Review

Culmination conversations

Rubrics: Some examples

Reflection on process

Peer review

Students who have worked in a class wiki are very familiar with the work of their peers and Peer review can be very powerful.

Use the Praise Question Polish  scaffold and students can upload these onto the wiki page they have reviewed.

Culminating Conversations:  Teaching team


Students can also take part in a round table discussion of their learning.  They are given a higher order question relating to, but not the same, as their inquiry question.  It is perhaps the best way to observe how student-led inquiry has led to deep learning.

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