4. Identify

Identify is the fourth stages of the Guided Inquiry Design Process

Syba Digital. Guided Inquiry Design in action: Middle school downloadable resources. Adapted with permission from Guided Inquiry Design in action: Middle school/ Leslie K. Maniotes, LaDawna Harrington, and Patrice Lambusta: Foreword by Carol Kuhlthau, Libraries Unlimited, Copyright 2016.


 Adapted by Lee FitzGerald from Dr. Carol Gordon’s presentation – Redesigning Knowledge Spaces: From Information literacy to knowledge outcomes, Part 2, available at:  http://www.powershow.com/view/13ba6e-YWRmM/Dr_Carol_Gordon_flash_ppt_presentation

The students now develop an inquiry question.

  • Use Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs to set the level of the question – for very individual differentiation
  • Plan ahead for the support of the Special Needs teacher to assist in the differentiation of the question for supported students.

SLIM Reflection Sheet 2 is taken at this stage. 

 Suggested scaffolds:

Other questioning scaffolds:

These scaffolds are from the storehouse of the NSW Association of Independent Schools’ teacher librarians’ group, which were gathered for the 2008 AISQTP project on Guided Inquiry.  Hooked on questions came from Susan Glasson, who is very sadly missed.

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