1. Open

Open is the first stage of the Guided Inquiry Design Process


OpenAdapted by Lee FitzGerald from Dr. Carol Gordon’s presentation – Redesigning Knowledge Spaces: From Information literacy to knowledge outcomes, Part 2, available at:  http://www.powershow.com/view/13ba6e-YWRmM/Dr_Carol_Gordon_flash_ppt_presentation

Student Tasks

They will develop broad background knowledge from what they already know in this area and do some exploratory searching, with the idea of narrowing their area of interest down to what really interests them.

Some sample scaffolds for Open:

Complete Reflection Sheet 1. (This is used to diagnose where support or added instruction is needed and for data collection for Action Research )

1. Use the Scaffold provided for Constructing Meaningful Choice: Students look into five areas of the topic for basic general knowledge and rate them.

2. Use the scaffold provided for Building background:Students find information about their top choice/s at a deeper level.

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