* Evidence-based practice
There is an increasing accountability in schools and providing evidence about the impact of teaching on student learning outcomes is increasingly expected of teacher librarians, much like any other teacher.
Here are some ways of gathering that evidence.

Read these articles:

For an excellent overview of the ways in which teacher librarians can gather evidence, view Evidence-based practice from Ross Todd. 

From Canadian TLs, Think you can’t? Yes, you can – Teacher librarians’ toolkit for evidence-based practice.

Use rubrics to assess the process components of a GI

Use the School Library Impact Measurement (SLIM) Toolkit as a data collection tool, as well as a reflective and feedback mechanism for students. The SLIM Toolkit was designed by Professor Ross. J. Todd.

Gathering evidence for accreditation
In Australia, there is also a need for teacher librarians to meet the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)standards for accreditation.  To prepare for this, read:


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