* Primary Guided Inquiry units

Listed below are exemplar primary GI units:

Stage 1: K-Year 2

From Caddies Creek PS: Submitted by Jenny Scheffers

From CSU student, Amy-Lee Petereit, ETL401, 201960:

From CSU student, Nicholas Eldridge, ETL401, 202130

From CSU student, Mardi Saverin, ETL401 202160:

From Lee FitzGerald

Stage 2: Year 3-4

From Broughton Anglican College: Submitted by Alinda Sheerman

From Caddies Creek PS:

For Stage 2, from CSU students, 2018/2019

Stage 3: Year 5-6

From Broughton Anglican College:

For Stage 3, from CSU students 2018/2019/2020/2021

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