Part 4 Sharing knowledge
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(Alinda: Part 4 – Continuing the ‘adventures’ of our Year 8 Medieval Europe GI classes)

Step 7 Share

This is the part of Guided Inquiry I love the most. At best it is a ‘Goose Bumps’ experience and that is what happened in one of the Year 8 classes. The amount of knowledge some students have at the end of their research is unbelievable.

Rather than have the students prepare a “Death by PowerPoint” experience we wanted to see what they actually knew and could speak about without special preparation.

Two of the four classes have now held their ‘Share’ Seminar and every student contributed in some way to the discussion. The room was arranged in a circle and the teacher presided, assisting in the flow of discussion. Some amazing experts were discovered and most of the topic areas were covered either briefly or in great depth. This was part of their assessment but, after the discussion got going, nerves were forgotten and some real personalities and passions were exhibited. I have edited what could have been a lengthy video into a few segments for sharing here.

This girl was very knowledgeable about the punishments metered out to women in the Middle Ages!

This young man is the ultimate expert on armour and weapons of the Middle Ages.

For anyone interested, this clip shows Mr Chris Main setting up the Seminar – requirements and protocols.

Classes are then at the final ‘Evaluate’ step and this involves Peer review as well as the final Survey Monkey questionnaire with a separate one completed by the teachers as well. Stay tuned…

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