2. Immerse

Immerse is the second stage of the Guided Inquiry Process

Syba Digital. Guided Inquiry Design in action: Middle school downloadable resources. Adapted with permission from Guided Inquiry Design in action: Middle school/ Leslie K. Maniotes, LaDawna Harrington, and Patrice Lambusta: Foreword by Carol Kuhlthau, Libraries Unlimited, Copyright 2016.

Immerse Adapted by Lee FitzGerald from Dr. Carol Gordon’s presentation – Redesigning Knowledge Spaces: From Information literacy to knowledge outcomes, Part 2, available at:  http://www.powershow.com/view/13ba6e-YWRmM/Dr_Carol_Gordon_flash_ppt_presentation

During this stage the students will chose a broad area to investigate within the topic area.

 Suggested scaffolds:

  • Students can use the Developing my topic scaffold to find the research focus and an initial question.
  • They can also use the Read View Listen Connect when they have a number of broad topic areas that interest them.
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