A new crop of GId units from CSU students 202160 session
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Please go to either Primary or Secondary Guided Inquiry pages to see these new offerings from CSU students:
  • How have changes in technology shaped our lives? – Year 2, Stage 1, History and Social Studies – Mardi Saverin
  • How can we live more sustainably?  Stage 2  – Diana Brien
  • What were the significant events, and who were the significant people that shaped Australian colonies? Year 5, Stage 2 History – Sally Allen
  • ‘A Tale of Two Stories – From Ship to Shore’ What impact did James Cook’s arrival have on the Indigenous people and the environment in Australia? –  Stage 2, Year 5 History – Elise Ellerman
  • Shakespeare’s Bawdy Mouth – Stage 4, Year 7 English – Danielle Lysaught
  • How can pandemics re-shape society?  Stage 5, Year 9 Science and History – Amanda Crook

With big thanks to Mardi, Diana, Sally, Elise, Danielle and Amanda!

Lee FitzGerald
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