It’s been a bit quiet on here
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Hello everyone – Alinda here…

It has been a busy year and I am sure a lot has been happening with with Guided Inquiry in many schools across Australia… but it is quiet on here! Do any of you have more AC programmes to share for others to use or modify for their needs? Please let us know and we can upload them.

The purpose of this post is to let you know it is now my turn to blog on Leslie Maniotes’ 52 Weeks of Guided Inquiry blog. Make sure you have read Lee’s posts back in February.

My first post is an introduction and a few links to units that are mentioned. I will be blogging during this week about a Year 5 unit on Global Organisations that the teacher and I worked on two years ago but I have never documented. It was my best teaching experience ever!

Part 1: Guided Inquiry Design in an Aussie K-12 context

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